Friday, 7 September 2007

My old school

A photo showing the front of my old secondary school. It has some rather peculiar tilework on the front of this block. You can see the windows of the assembly hall under the yellow tiles - the last time I was in there was to sit an exam.

It's only once you've left school that you can begin to appreciate the fun you had - dangling fellow classmates out of windows by their ankles; buying crisps and Mars Bars from the 6th Form tuck shop for 3rd Formers one day, and refusing to do it the next; watching school caretakers shovelling water off the all-weather pitches into plastic dustbins during one incredibly boring maths lesson.

I send my son there now and the all-weather pitches look exactly as they used to. Bet the drainage is still non-existant too.


Gail's Man said...

One of my old schools has now become a small housing estate. I'm trying to find old pals through Facebook.

Lynette said...

Is the pitch the yard, the lawn, where the grass is? Do you find it a comfort to send your son somewhere so familiar to you?

Sharon said...

No the all weather pitch is at the back of the school. It's a kind of yellow hard-core surface that shouldn't get churned up when it's played on. But it's the devil to get out of your knees if you fall over on it! Ouch!

I quite like the idea of my son going to the same school as my sister and I did. Back in the day, teachers used to be able to use the cane on us if they thought we deserved it and I'm glad it's not like that now - I would hate to think anyone had the power to treat my children in that way. (Please note, I was never caned at school.)

Sharon said...

Gails Man - We had a school reunion about 4 years ago for my year group. People came from all over the country to attend and we had a really good night. Needless to say, time had been kinder to the girls than to the boys - some of them (the boys) looked decidedly rough!! How on earth did I think they were attractive at school?