Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Good night and God bless, Ian Porterfield

Took this tonight with my mobile phone. Some of the tributes left in memory of footballer Ian Porterfield who died last night. Ian played for Sunderland AFC and scored the only goal in the 1973 FA Cup Final at Wembley against a far superior Leeds United team. We went in as the underdogs on that Saturday afternoon and emerged victorious. Ian is a local hero in these parts and will always be remembered with gratitude, pride and affection.

The statue is of SAFC manager Bob Stokoe who took the team to Wembley that season. The pose is taken from photographs of him running onto the pitch moments after the final whistle blew. Winning the FA Cup that year was a massive event in the town and unforgettable for those of us who lived through it.


Curly said...

I was there this morning to add my tributes, a true legend.

Sharon said...

Thanks for making the effort to come to Sunderland to do that Curly. It's hard to make outsiders understand just how ingrained football is in our culture here in the North East.