Sunday, 9 September 2007

Seaham Beach

First of all, my apologies for not posting yesterday. We went out for the day and I came home with a blinding headache (no alcohol involved either) so went to bed and was unable to post.

Today I am showing a view of part of the beach at Seaham, just along the coast from us. The beach is at the bottom of cliffs and is not the easiest place to get to so it hasn't been developed in the same way as Roker, Seaburn and South Shields. The tide comes in very quickly here too and people often get stranded.

The beach itself is very stony due partly to erosion of the cliffs. This photograph shows how boulder clay has slipped down the rocks and onto the beach. There are shallow caves in the rock which become visible when the sea washes the clay away. But I'm too scared to go in them.


Hyde DP said...

Can you still buy freshly caught fish at Seaham Harbour? - it must be more than 20 years ago when we got some there -- cooked it later in the caravan somewhere near Washington.

Sharon said...

Not sure if you can still buy fish in Seaham although it does still have its own little harbour. Fresh fish can be bought in Sunderland on the quayside straight off the boat. My grandfather used to go there every Friday for live crabs, lobster and prawns which he cooked himself at home. It became something of a ritual for him.