Wednesday, 12 March 2008

South Shields and about on Sunday

Tynemouth Priory

Looking from the beach at South Shields: when you look the Priory stands out as you head towards South Shields from along the coast from Washington. Birds resting on the rocks

Just by Souter Lighthouse if you look over the cliffs all you can see the birds and the corrosion of the cliffs from the sea, it's a very popular place for bird watchers.

Souter lighthouse

It has stood out on the coastline for many a year has been a safety net for all the sailors out at sea, its red and white standing out on the skyline

Beach by Roker

This part of the beach is just near the coast guard look out near Roker by the playground that used to be the old paddling pool


The Psychic Poet said...

Cool pics again xx

EMMA said...

tar hun

maz said...

great photo hun it want be much long begfore yours and sue photo look the same lol